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Best All Risk Car Insurance 2024

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Car Insurance from Insureka!

Car insurance is a form of protection that you must have, especially if you often travel by car. Car insurance provides financial security in facing risks that can occur while you are driving. Apart from financial protection, insurance also provides peace of mind, so you can drive more calmly and safely.

If you want to buy car insurance, make sure you choose the best one like Insureka!. While operating in Indonesia, insureka! has succeeded in winning various achievements and awards at prestigious events, starting from the Indonesia Trusted Awards 2022, Indonesia Golden Award 2022, to Most Trusted Product 2023. This proves that insureka! has been successful in providing quality insurance services for the Indonesian people.

insureka! offers several types of car insurance that you can choose according to your needs. The types of insurance at insureka! include regular car insurance, all-risk car insurance, LTO car insurance, and comprehensive car insurance. Each insurance has its own features and advantages. If you want super complete protection, you can choose the best all-risk car insurance at insureka!.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Car Insurance at insureka!

In the midst of heavy traffic and various risks on the road, have trusted car protection like Insureka! be a wise decision. So , here are some reasons why you should buy car insurance from Insureka!:

1. Many Car Insurance Options

insureka! offers a variety of car insurance options that can be tailored to your needs and budget. Starting from regular insurance with basic coverage to insurance with Comprehensive coverage, insureka! understands that every car owner has different needs. With a wide selection of car insurance policies, you can choose the protection that suits your finances and specific needs.

2. Protected from Financial Loss

insureka! protects you from financial losses that may arise due to various risks such as accidents, theft or damage. By paying car insurance premiums, you are transferring the financial risk to the vehicle insurance company. In the claim process, insureka! will provide compensation in accordance with the specified policy.

3. Get car replacement costs

If your vehicle suffers serious damage or is declared a  total loss , insureka! can help replace it. This may include the cost of purchasing a new vehicle or the actual value of the vehicle lost. To get insureka! Here, you can choose All Risk insurance at Insureka! with a Comprehensive Premium Policy. insureka! ready to provide compensation in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the insurance policy.

If your new car experiences serious damage when it is less than 6 months old, insureka! will provide new car facilities to replace it. insureka! not only protects new vehicles, but also provides protection coverage for old vehicles that are a maximum of 12 to 15 years old.

4. Protected from the risk of damage due to natural disasters

insureka! also offers protection from the risk of car damage due to natural disasters. Catastrophic Polis is presented exclusively to be a car protection system from various damages caused by floods. This car insurance cost protection covers all vehicle components, from the engine to the car interior. The insureka! car insurance premium rate is very affordable, so it will not drain your monthly finances.

5. Third Party Protection

Insureka insurance service! also covers your legal responsibilities towards third parties. If you are involved in an accident that harms another party, insureka! will cover their vehicle's medical and repair costs, saving you from expensive legal disputes. You can get this benefit by choosing Comprehensive car insurance at Insureka!.

Unlike third party insurance which is only responsible for damage to other people's property, Comprehensive car insurance insureka! provides protection against damage to your own vehicle, regardless of who is at fault in the accident. To get this benefit, you can file a Third Party Liability (TPL) claim. This car accident insurance claim can help finance injuries, treatment, and even death.

6. Simply Smarter and More Profitable

insureka! offers the Simply Smarter service  which makes the insurance application and claim process faster and easier. At Insureka!, you can buy car insurance online via the application or the official Insureka! website. With this system, you can buy a policy online in just 3 minutes, anytime and anywhere. insureka! provides self-survey services, which allow you to conduct self-surveys. To do this, you only need to upload a video of the vehicle you want to insure.

Apart from Simply Smarter , buy car insurance at Insureka! also more profitable. insureka! provides a 25% discount and 20% cashback for every car insurance application. Not only that, insureka! also provides a transportation allowance of Rp. 100,000 per day. The condition is that your car must be in the workshop for more than 5 days and there are a maximum of 3 damaged panels. Apart from that, you also get loan car service facilities while your car is being serviced.

These are some of the reasons why you should buy car insurance from Insureka!. Buying car insurance is not only a financial investment, but also a wise step to protect your vehicle and yourself from risks that may occur on the road. The financial protection provided by car insurance is not only limited to the safety of the vehicle, but also its owner.

What is All Risk Car Insurance?

All Risk Insurance is another name for the Comprehensive Premium and Comprehensive Basic policy types. This insurance is a form of protection against various forms of damage triggered by various factors. For example, accidents, natural disasters, and even vandalism. All Risk is also a solution to the risk of losing your car due to theft.

Why Should You Buy an All Risk Car Insurance Policy?

All Risk Insurance has a very vital role. Because, this car protection can be applied to new private cars to used cars. For used cars, the maximum age of the car is 12 years. Applied in Comprehensive Premium and Comprehensive Basic policy types, the All Risk insurance policy is equipped with a variety of the best protection features. The prices offered are competitive

Why is Insureka's All Risk Car Insurance Policy the Main Choice?

insureka! is always the main choice for customers. There are various plus aspects that insureka! has. The system is developed digitally with competitive prices with various promos. Its legality is guaranteed because it has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The products offered are of high quality and are able to resolve every risk completely, as provided in the Comprehensive Premium and Comprehensive Basic policy types.

What are the Requirements for Buying All Risk Car Insurance?

When registering to purchase an All Risk insurance policy, there are several documents that must be included by the customer. One of the requirements for All Risk car insurance is a KTP or other identity card and an active STNK. A car panel video is also included for verification before issuing a car insurance policy.

How to Register for the Best All-Risk Car Insurance?

Buying All Risk car insurance is very easy because it is done online. Customers just need to access the Insureka! website or application. Fill in the requested vehicle information, then choose the policy type via Comprehensive Premium or Comprehensive Basic. Also determine additional coverage. And make payment.

All Risk Car Insurance Premium Calculator

The calculation of the best All Risk car insurance premium insureka! refers to the rates set by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This means that the calculation of the transaction price is carried out transparently and accountably. The legal umbrella reference is OJK Circular Letter Number 6 / SEOJK.05 / 2017. The Premium Cost is the result of multiplying the Premium Percentage according to the category listed in the Circular Letter with the Car Price or in this case referred to as the Insurance Value. 

To determine the Percentage of All Risk Insurance Premiums is based on the price of the car according to its region. The areas consist of Region 1 (Sumatra and Surrounding Areas), Region 2 (DKI Jakarta, West Java, and Banten), and Region 3 (Areas Outside Regions 1 and 2). The simulation is as follows:

  • Category I with a Price of IDR 125 Million, Region-1: 3.82%–4.20%; Region-2: 3.26–3.59%; Region-3: 2.53%–2.78%.
  • Category II with Price of Rp125-200 Million, Region-1: 2.67%–2.94%; Region-2: 2.47%–2.72%; Region-3: 2.69%–2.96%.
  • Category III with Price of Rp200-400 Million, Region-1: 2.18%–2.40%; Region-2: 2.08%–2.29%; Region-3: 1.79%–1.97%.
  • Category IV with Price IDR 400-800 Million, Region-1: 1.20%–1.32%; Region-2: 1.20 –1.32%; Region-3: 1.14%–1.25%.
  • Category V with Price Above IDR800 Million, Region-1: 1.05%–1.16%; Region-2: 1.05%–1.16%; Region-3: 1.05%–1.16%.

How to Extend All Risk Car Insurance Online?
To extend All Risk Car Insurance is not complicated. The important thing is that the extension process is carried out long before the policy expires. Customers only need to visit the insureka! website or application. Follow the flow. If the extension is carried out before the policy expires, the customer does not need to repeat the document upload. However, if the policy has expired, you must re-upload the document.

How to Claim All Risk Car Insurance Online?

Just like registration, the claim process is insureka! very easy. Claims can be submitted online or by contacting Insureka!. When making a claim, the basic documents that need to be prepared are KTP, SIM and STNK. Other documents required will be in accordance with the type of claim submitted.

If the All Risk car insurance policy documents are complete and uploaded, the claim process will begin. It should also be noted that customers will be charged Own Risk (OR) when submitting a claim in an amount according to the Policy Type and type of claim submitted.

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