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10 Best Health Insurance Recommendations in Indonesia

Jentika.IDHealth insurance is important for everyone to have. Health insurance is useful for providing financial protection related to health problems.

There are many health insurance options in the country today. Some of them are even often included in the recommended list of the best insurance in Indonesia .

Examples of the best health insurance in Indonesia are offered by a number of private companies. Some of them include health insurance Allianz, AIA, Prudential, Sinarmas, and Chubb.

Each of the best health insurance offers different health protection benefits. However, the type of protection provided generally takes the form of coverage for inpatient costs, outpatient care , and coverage for critical illness costs.

Some types of health insurance even offer protection benefits reaching hundreds of millions to tens of billions of rupiah. So, what is the best health insurance in 2023 in Indonesia ?

Best Health Insurance in Indonesia

The best health insurance is usually seen from the completeness of the type of service, ease of the claim process, and the benefits of the protection provided. Here Tirto has compiled a list of the best health insurance in 2023 :

1. Allianz

Allianz is one of the best examples of health insurance in Indonesia. This company offers various health insurance products that can be selected for individual and family health protection.

Quoted from the official Allianz website , health insurance products available at Allianz include:

    • SmartHealth Care Premier Plus: health insurance containing the most complete practical services for ages 30 days - 70 years.
    • SmartMed Premier: health insurance in the form of outpatient coverage services and additional health benefits according to customer options for ages 15 days - 75 years.
    • SmartMed Cancer: health insurance that specifically provides protection against the risk of cancer for ages 1 month 1 day - 60 years.
    • SmartHealth Maxi Violet: health insurance for individuals and families.
    • AlliSya Care: sharia-based health insurance for ages 15 - 60 years.
Allianz insurance benefits cover the costs of inpatient care, outpatient care, doctor visits, surgery, childbirth, HIV/AIDS treatment, dental care, and so on.

This insurance also provides accident coverage and costs for repatriating bodies. Please note that health coverage services at Allianz can be combined according to customer needs.

Not only does it provide complete coverage benefits, Allianz health insurance can also be used effectively throughout Asia.

The premium prices offered for Allianz insurance itself vary according to the combination of coverage chosen by the customer. Monthly premium prices for Allianz insurance products start from IDR 195,000 to above IDR 3,000,000.

2. AstraLife

Astra Company also offers a health insurance product called Astra Life. There are two health insurance products offered by Astra Life, namely AVA Health Protection (Flexi Health) and Ava iPro Pratama.

AVA Health Protection is health insurance combined with life insurance. This insurance can only be obtained at Astra for ages 18 - 60 years.

Quoted from the Astra Life website , the type of coverage offered for the AVA Health Protection product is in the form of inpatient benefits of up to IDR 1 million per day. In addition to inpatient benefits , customers can also receive death benefits that will be given to heirs.

The premium cost for AVA Health Protection health insurance is among the cheapest in Indonesia, starting from IDR 62,400 per year.

In addition, there is also the Ava iPro Pratama insurance product. This health insurance offers cashless inpatient care benefits . Currently, Ava iPro Pratama insurance can only be obtained at Astra Life's partner bank, Permata Bank.

3. AXA Mandiri

AXA Mandiri is a health insurance product offered by PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) and AXA Group. AXA Mandiri health insurance products are diverse, including:

    • Mandiri Tropical Disease Protection Insurance : coverage for treatment of measles, chikungunya, dengue fever, typhus, zika, malaria, and hepatitis A.
    • Mandiri Early Cancer Protection Insurance: coverage for cancer treatment.
    • Mandiri Heart Protection Insurance: coverage for heart disease treatment.
    • Mandiri Secure CritiCare Insurance: coverage for treatment of major critical illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, stroke and other terminal illnesses.
Quoted from the AXA Mandiri website, the advantage of the four insurances offered by the company is the return of premiums. This means that customers have the right to get back the premium money paid within a certain period of time.

Every AXA Mandiri health insurance product also provides reimbursement for hospitalization costs. However, specifically for early cancer and heart protection insurance products , life protection is included.

Later, if the customer dies, the heirs are entitled to receive compensation money. The premium price for AXA Mandiri varies according to the policy period and the type of coverage chosen by the customer.

The lowest AXA Mandiri monthly premium costs start from IDR 100,000 per month.

4. Great Eastern Life

Great Eastern Life is also included in the list of the best insurance in Indonesia . The most popular insurance product from the Great Eastern Life company is corporate employee health insurance called Great Health Guard.

Quoted from the Great Health Life website , the basic benefit offered by this insurance product is coverage for hospitalization costs. Apart from basic benefits, insurance customers are also entitled to additional benefits in the form of:

    • Outpatient coverage
    • Benefits of pregnancy
    • Benefits of dental care
    • Benefits of glasses
    • Benefits of medical examination .
Great Health Guard insurance products can be purchased collectively with a minimum purchase of 10 employees who meet the policy requirements.

Great Health Guard insurance premium prices vary according to the choice of coverage service and the number of members involved.

However, in 2022, the premium costs offered by Great Eastern Life start from IDR 15 million to above IDR 25 million per year.

5. Sinarmas

Sinarmas Group also offers the best health insurance in Indonesia. The insurance product offered by the Sinarmas Group is called Simas Sehat Gold.

Quoted from the Sinarmas website , Simas Sehat Gold health insurance provides complete coverage, starting from hospitalization, emergency dental care , surgery, doctor visits, diagnostic tests, to outpatient coverage.

This insurance product also covers accident protection worth IDR 10 million and emergency medical evacuation worldwide. Simas Sehat Gold insurance products can be registered by customers aged 15 days to 59 years.

However, the policy can be extended until the customer is 75 years old. The cost of insurance premiums to obtain Simas Sehat Gold varies according to the customer's age and the amount of benefits they wish to obtain.

Simas Sehat Gold insurance premium prices start from IDR 77 thousand to IDR 1,187,000.

6. AIA

AIA health insurance is one of the best health insurance in Indonesia today. There are many types of AIA health insurance, including AIA PowerPro Life.

AIA PowerPro Life insurance is a combination of health insurance and life insurance. This means that insured customers are not only entitled to health protection but also insurance money for their families if they die.

The benefits of the AIA PowerPro Life health insurance product can be said to be very complete, including:

    • 100 percent coverage of terminal illness costs
    • Coverage of 50 percent of ICU treatment costs up to IDR 250 million.
    • Sum insured for heirs of deceased customers.
    • Extension of insurance coverage period without re-risk selection process.
AIA PowerPro Life insurance premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The term of this insurance policy is 10 years with a minimum coverage benefit of Rp200 million.

The premium price paid starts from IDR 300 thousand per month or IDR 1,200,000 per year.

7. Prudential

Another example of the best health insurance in Indonesia is Prudential insurance. Quoted from the official Prudential website , this company offers two types of health insurance, namely PRUPrime Healthcare Plus Pro and PRUSolusi Sehat Plus Pro.

Both offer health cost coverage of up to IDR 70 billion. Not only that, Prudential health insurance customers also get benefits in the form of:

    • Coverage for hospitalization costs in the room class according to the plan chosen
    • Benefits of body reconstruction surgery costs due to accident or cancer
    • Coverage of outpatient costs.
    • Coverage for traditional treatments and herbal medicines.
    • Psychiatric and psychological treatment coverage
    • Benefits of telehealth in Indonesia and telehealth for cancer treatment in Malaysia and Singapore.
    • Increase in annual benefits to 10 percent no-claim bonus each year with a maximum of 50 percent of the initial annual benefit limit.
The insurance premiums that customers need to pay for Prudential insurance products vary according to the benefits and term of the policy. However, the minimum insurance premium that needs to be paid per month is IDR 210,000.

8. BRI Life

Another best health insurance product in Indonesia is BRI Life. This insurance product managed by PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) offers health insurance with low cost and complete benefits.

Quoted from the official BRI Life website , there are two insurance products offered by BRI Life, including Dasetera health insurance and Telepro Medicash Optima.

The benefits of Desetera health insurance include:

    • Daily hospitalization allowance
    • Daily ICU cost allowance
    • 100 percent premium refund on condition that there are no claims for 5 years.
    • Reimbursement for hospital inpatient costs ( reimbursement ) for a maximum of 120 days.
    • Surgical compensation
    • Condolence money compensation.
Meanwhile, the benefits of Telepro Medicash Optima insurance are:

    • Daily hospitalization allowance
    • Daily ICU cost allowance
    • Surgical compensation
    • Condolence money compensation.
    • Daily ICU cost allowance
    • Bonus coverage for various maintenance costs .
The insurance premium costs offered by BRI Life are one of the cheapest in Indonesia. The monthly premium that must be paid starts from IDR 50 thousand to IDR 2.3 million according to the choice of coverage service and age group.

9. HealthPlus Family Lippo

Lippo Group also offers the best health insurance products in Indonesia. One of the popular insurance products from Lippo Insurance is HealthPlus Family.

As the name suggests, this HealthPlus Family insurance product is health insurance for family protection. Quoted from the official Lippo Insurance website, there are several benefits that can be obtained from purchasing HealthPlus Family products, namely:

    • Coverage for inpatient and outpatient costs.
    • Exclusive personal medical assistance service .
    • Cashless claim payments in more than 500 hospitals in Indonesia
    • Claim calculation report via e-mail.
    • 24 hour contact center and case monitoring services .
This HealthPlus Family insurance product can be registered by customers aged 0 to 60 years. However, the policy can be extended until the customer is 65 years old.

HealthPlus Family premium prices vary according to the coverage class and service selected. As of 2022, Lippo HealthPlus Family premium prices start from IDR 800 thousand to more than IDR 1 million per month.

10. Chubb

Chubb is one of the companies that offers the best health insurance in Indonesia. Quoted from the official Chubb website , there are many types of health insurance offered by Chubb, including:

    • Family Care Optima: family health insurance for 5 family members in 1 policy.
    • Healthy Smile Protection: dental health protection insurance .
    • Premium Health Protection: comprehensive health protection insurance.
    • Medical Pro Insurance: insurance that provides hospital cost reimbursement services.
    • Hospital Cash Back Protection: insurance that provides a 50 percent cashback service for hospital care.
    • Cash Back Protection: term insurance that guarantees 100 percent of premiums back with a 10-year protection period.
    • Cancer Care Protection: insurance that provides protection against the risk of cancer.
    • Tropical Alert Insurance: insurance that provides protection against 3 tropical diseases, including dengue fever , typhoid and malaria.
The insurance offered by Chubb has advantages in terms of flexibility of services that customers can choose.

Not only that, several Chubb long-term insurance products also offer a refund guarantee within a certain period.

Chubb insurance premium prices vary according to the age of the insured and the type of coverage chosen. As of 2022, Chubb insurance premium prices start from IDR 1.2 million.

Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance

Everyone certainly wants to get the best and most beneficial health protection for them.

However, with so many choices of health insurance products and benefits today, it is certainly not easy to determine which insurance is the best.

The good news is, there are several tips you can consider before choosing health insurance. Quoted from the Mayo Clinic , here are tips for choosing the best health insurance :

    • Make sure the insurance company has a good reputation and has obtained a business license from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).
    • Ask for recommendations on types of insurance products from trusted parties, such as family or close relatives who use insurance products.
    • Make sure to study the benefits and risks of insurance properly. Read through brochures, websites, and ask directly with the consultant agent on duty.
    • Consider the type of care you may need. Examples of basic coverage include inpatient, outpatient, and accident coverage.
    • Find out if you have a risk of diseases related to genetics that can be covered by certain insurance, such as diabetes, various types of cancer, autoimmune, and so on.
    • Choose insurance that accommodates the costs of quality hospital care in the city.
    • Find out whether the insurance offers additional benefits, such as free health checks, smoking cessation counseling, personal health assistants, virtual services, and so on.

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