Y’all know summer is here and it’s time to hit the water with your boat. But before you do, you gotta make sure you have the best boat insurance to keep you financially afloat. That’s why your girl has rounded up the top ten boat insurance companies for you to check out. Trust me, you don’t wanna be caught out here without insurance.

1. BoatUS

BoatUS InsuranceFirst up, we have BoatUS. They offer coverage for all types of boats and have great customer service. Plus, they offer discounts for boating safety courses. Don’t play yourself, make sure to check them out.

2. Progressive

Progressive Boat InsuranceNext on the list is Progressive. They offer competitive pricing and customizable coverage options. Plus, they have a great online platform that makes managing your policy easy peasy.

3. Geico

Geico Boat InsuranceDon’t sleep on Geico, they offer affordable and reliable coverage for all types of boats. Plus, if you already have car insurance with them, you might be eligible for a discount. Saving coins, y’all.

4. Nationwide

Nationwide Boat InsuranceNationwide is known for their quality customer service and customizable coverage options. They even offer a “total loss replacement” option for new boats. Who doesn’t like new things?

5. Allstate

Allstate Boat InsuranceAllstate offers a range of coverage options and their policies include “wreckage removal” and “fuel spill cleanup”. They got you covered, even in the unfortunate event of an accident.

6. Safeco

Safeco Boat InsuranceSafeco offers “guaranteed replacement cost coverage” for new boats and their policies include “emergency towing”. No need to worry if you’re stranded out on the water, they got ya.

7. Foremost

Foremost Boat InsuranceForemost specializes in boat insurance and offers a variety of coverage options. Their policies include “consequential damage coverage” which covers damage caused by wear and tear. Keep your boat in tip-top shape.

8. State Farm

State Farm Boat InsuranceState Farm offers customizable coverage options and even offers coverage for small boats and personal watercrafts. They also offer discounts for having multiple policies with them. Saving more coins.

9. Markel

Markel Boat InsuranceMarkel offers “agreed value” coverage which means that in the event of a total loss, you’ll get a payout that covers the agreed upon value of your boat. No surprises here.

10. American Family

American Family Boat InsuranceLast but not least, we have American Family. They offer coverage for all types of boats and even offer discounts for safety features like boat alarms. Safety first, y’all.

There you have it folks, the top ten boat insurance companies for 2022. Make sure to do your research and find the best coverage for you and your boat. Happy boating!